about blue refrigeration

Let's get to know each other better

Blue Refrigeration is an entity that has been operating on the Polish market since 2016, but the people behind the establishment of the company have been associated with the refrigeration and air conditioning industry for nearly 30 years. Our activity is based on the distribution of high-quality components necessary for the repair and maintenance of industrial and commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Our offer is addressed to manufacturers of refrigeration equipment, companies dealing in the design and assembly of refrigeration systems, as well as to people professionally related to the industry, such as Installers and Service technicians of cooling, air-conditioning and / or ventilation systems. With the needs of our partners in mind, a purchasing platform was created that allows for the quick execution of orders for the necessary parts and accessories for refrigeration devices.


Our offer includes parts and accessories dedicated to the refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation industries, from Polish and foreign manufacturers.

The most popular categories are:

- pressure products, including a wide selection of filter driers, liquid separators with exchanger, oil separators (also known as hermetic oil separators), oil filters, foldable filter driers with replaceable H48 cartridges, liquid tanks and oil tanks

- fans and fan motors, including traditional Airvent motors, modern energy-saving commutated fan motors, traditional and energy-saving axial fans equipped with NFC technology, enabling remote speed programming, as well as centrifugal fans

- refrigeration valves, necessary in many systems ball valves with Schrader valves, solenoid valves with coils, ROTOLOCK valves, sight glasses or check valves

- hermetic compressors, Comptek high efficiency low and medium temperature compressors

The above-mentioned items are only selected elements of the commercial offer available in our online store. The portfolio of products offered by our company is systematically expanded and supplemented based on the needs reported by our trading partners and based on the observation of the needs appearing on the market of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. As far as possible, we also realize individual orders for non-standard components for industrial systems. We will be happy to answer every product inquiry sent.


Every day we make every effort to meet the expectations of our customers. At work, we particularly value long-term and partner relationships with clients. Therefore, if you are professionally involved in the refrigeration, air conditioning and / or ventilation industry, run a service or are an installer of cooling systems, we encourage you to create a B2B account in our online store, thanks to which you will receive access to discounts and special offers.