air conditioning systems

Comprehensive offer in the field of air conditioning systems

We associate the use of air conditioners primarily with the possibility of lowering the temperature in the room. However, their function is not limited only to the possibility of cooling the space. The task of air-conditioning systems is to create optimal air parameters, i.e. to ensure comfort in terms of temperature and air humidity.

Application of air conditioning systems

Air conditioners are becoming more and more popular among individual users in domestic applications. When the use of air conditioning is aimed at ensuring optimal working and functioning conditions, we speak of comfort air conditioning. At the same time, air conditioning systems are also used to obtain the conditions necessary for the functioning of specific industries. An example of such a solution is the electronics or pharmaceutical industry, where maintaining a certain temperature and humidity as well as highly effective filtration of pollutants through the use of an efficient air conditioning and ventilation system is a must.

Accessories for installation and servicing of air conditioning

When selecting the appropriate air conditioning system, the specificity of the room that is to be served by the system should be taken into account. An important aspect is the efficiency of the air-conditioning system, the noise level, the appropriate location that allows easy access and the possibility of efficient maintenance, or, which is especially important in domestic applications, the aesthetic appearance of the air conditioner. For the installation of air conditioning, we recommend high-quality accessories available in our store. You will find products such as: air conditioner base with UV resistant rubber base support; easy to install anti-vibration pads for abrasive supports, for aggregates, mounting boxes for air conditioning, vibration dampers and many other useful accessories that facilitate the installation and servicing of air conditioning systems.

A wide range of parts for air conditioning systems

Our offer also includes a wide range of air conditioning parts. We recommend in particular: condensate pumps for wall and ceiling air conditioners, hand pumps for cooling oil transfer; a wide range of pressure products such as Blue Refrigeration brand filter driers, oil tanks and filters, liquid separators and oil separators, necessary refrigeration valves such as Schrader valve and check valves.

Receive a discount on parts and accessories for air conditioning

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