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Comprehensive offer in the field of cooling systems

The area of application of individual devices and entire cooling systems is currently very wide. The variety of refrigeration installations is huge, but they are united by one goal, which is to lower the temperature of a specific environment or space, such as a production hall or a refrigerated container necessary for transporting food. Cooling systems are used, among others, for the production, transport, storage of food and pharmaceutical products.

Service of refrigeration equipment

In the case of many companies, a properly functioning cooling installation is a necessary element that enables the provision of services offered by a given entity. Maintaining refrigerated conditions is particularly important in such areas of activity as the production and storage of food, including the possibility of refrigerated transport. Optimizing the ambient temperature is also used by industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals. In any of these cases, it is extremely important that the cooling conditions are stable and that the installation operates efficiently and reliably. In order to count on failure-free operation of the cooling system, it is necessary to remember about its regular maintenance and service.

High-quality refrigeration components

Regardless of whether we are dealing with a refrigeration system in a store, catering or laboratory, it is important that the components and parts used for the refrigeration system are tested and reliable. Our offer includes a wide selection of refrigeration components that you can order easily and safely through our online store.

A wide range of parts for refrigeration systems

The store offer is a wide selection of parts and elements necessary for the construction or repair of industrial and commercial refrigeration installations. The most frequently ordered items include medium and low temperature hermetic compressors by Comptek, characterized by high efficiency and excellent thermodynamic properties. Pressure products appreciated by customers, including filter driers, from the most popular models such as BLR / DML-163 or BLR / DML-032, through filters that effectively absorb harmful acids, special purpose filter driers made of 70% activated alumina, to collapsible filter driers with replaceable H48 cartridges; BLR / A-W series oil separators and oil tanks with volumes from 6 to 12l intended for catching oil.

In our offer you will also find the necessary refrigeration valves, including straight and angle check valves with various connection sizes; liquid sight glasses to monitor the condition of the refrigerant in the installation; solenoid valves with solenoid supplied complete or as separate components.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of fans, which are one of the most important and numerous product groups. Airvent fan motors well known and appreciated on the Polish market with fans of the same brand; Refworld fan motors ensuring reliable and quiet operation, or modern ECM series electronic commutated fan motors, i.e. energy-saving Weiguang motors supplying YGF centrifugal fans.

Receive a discount on parts for cooling systems

If you are professionally related to the refrigeration, air conditioning and / or ventilation industry, run a service or are an installer of cooling systems, we invite you to take advantage of our offer as part of B2B cooperation. To receive a discount and the possibility of shopping at special prices, it is enough to create a business account at Join us today and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the partner account.