Forms and time of shipment

Time of shipment

Standard order fulfillment time does not exceed 3 working days. The time needed for the courier to deliver the shipment to the customer is not included in the order fulfillment time. After sending the shipment, the customer receives a bill of lading number, which allows for tracking the parcels.

Cost of delivery

Orders, the value of which is at least PLN 900 net, are carried out at no additional cost - FREE DELIVERY * Shipments are carried out via a courier company.

For orders with a value below PLN 900 net, transport costs will be added:

- For orders worth up to PLN 399.99 net, the cost of transport in the amount of PLN 30.00 net will be added

- For orders with a value from PLN 400.00 - 899.99 net, the cost of transport in the amount of PLN 50.00 net will be added

- Orders with a minimum value of PLN 900.00 net are sent at the Supplier's expense

*only items available in stock at the time the order is placed by the customer are included in the order value. The given costs apply to the delivery in Poland. The cost of transporting the goods outside Poland (within the EU) is calculated individually and will be communicated to the customer before the shipment.