Use the possibilities offered by a B2B account

How to become a Partner and use a B2B account

We respect your time, so you will get access to a B2B account on our platform without unnecessary formalities.

  1. Fill out the Partner registration form

    Fill in the required fields, i.e. company name, tax identification number and contact details, and submit the form

  2. Verification of the application

    After positive verification, you will receive feedback on account activation and granted discounts to the e-mail address provided in the application

  3. Welcome to the group of partners

    Use the possibilities offered by a B2B account

Possibilities offered by a B2B account

Our offer is directed to trading companies, service technicians and installers related to the refrigeration, air conditioning and / or ventilation industry. As part of the cooperation, we offer:

  • Additional discounts

    An attractive system of discounts on products available in the online store

  • Personalized shopping offers

    Knowing your company, we will be able to better match our offer to your needs.

  • Convenient online orders

    It is not only access to the product offer, with a fast and convenient ordering process, but also access to order history, a list of favorite products, the ability to track order fulfillment and many more

  • Possibility of purchases with a deferred payment date

    Companies that cooperate with Blue Refrigeration on a regular basis can apply for a trade credit and the ability to pay for deferred goods.

How to become a Partner and use a B2B account

Partner registration form