Solenoid valve with coil BLR/EVR20-078S (7/8” ODF)

soldered, normally closed

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  • Flow coefficient

    5 m³ / h

    Dimensions (see drawing)

    H1: 20mm H2: 90mm L: solder - 191mm L1: 17mm

    Connection size

    7/8 ”, 22mm

  • The BLR / EVR series solenoid valves are normally closed, direct or servo operated solenoid valves for operation in liquid, suction and hot gas lines with fluorinated refrigerants. BLR / EVR are delivered in full or as separate items. Properties: - Ambient temperature: -40 ° C to 80 ° C - Coil waterproof level: IP65 - Temp. medium: -40 ° C to 105 ° C - Max working pressure: 3.5Mpa - CFC, HCF, HFC refrigerant; Suitable for all fluorinated refrigerants - A complete range of solenoid valves for refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning installations - A wide selection of solenoid valve coils for AC and DC - Extended soldering tips facilitate installation. ; It is not necessary to disassemble the valve during brazing - Also available with flange connection

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    One of the most important elements of the refrigeration and air conditioning system are various types of valves. Correctly selected and applied, they make the operation of the cooling or air-conditioning system correct, and its possible repairs and inspections can be carried out efficiently and economically. They also allow for easy control and regulation of the entire system. We offer a wide range of parts for the construction, maintenance and service of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We invite you to contact manufacturers of equipment and installations, wholesalers, shops and services: refrigeration and air conditioning.

    Magnetic valves are a very important element of any refrigeration or air conditioning system. They allow the entire installation to be controlled, that is, they can regulate the flow. There are two types of solenoid valves: normally closed and normally open. Such a valve is controlled on the basis of an electrical signal, which informs whether an electric current should be passed through the solenoid valve coil. The current flowing through the coil creates an electromagnetic field strong enough to lift (in the case of a normally closed valve) the stem inside. We have a wide range of solenoid valves and many available sizes of connections.

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