Fan motor Airvent AV-10-20

for condenser, evaporator, 10W cooler

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  • Air volume

    500/570 m³ / h


    1300/1500 rpm

    Dimensions (see drawing)

    A 20mm, B 15mm, C 48mm, D 29mm, F 89mm

    Level of security


    Ambient temperature

    -25 ° C to 50 ° C


    50 / 60Hz

    Performance / power consumption


    Input power


    Propeller size




  • Universal fan motor for use in refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems. The fan motor with a rated power of 10 W generates the revolutions at the level of 1300/1500 r / min. The motor can be used to work with a device with a maximum propeller size of up to 200mm. The device is adapted to work in a wide range of ambient temperatures. The motor housing is a solid and proven aluminum structure with many mounting options, which facilitates the installation of the fan motor and allows its wide application.

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    Fans are a very important part of heat exchange in cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation systems. The task of the fans is to ensure effective air flow through the exchanger. They help to maintain the desired temperature and humidity in a given system, as well as reduce the concentration of airborne contaminants. High-quality, reliable fans and fan motors ensure comfortable, long-lasting and proper operation of the systems. We offer a wide range of parts for the construction, maintenance and service of refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems. We invite to contact manufacturers of equipment and installations, wholesalers, shops and services: refrigeration and air conditioning.

    Fans are an essential element of heat exchange in cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation systems. These devices are crucial for the proper operation of the entire cooling system. Often, fan failure is caused by damage or wear to the fan motor. Then the easiest and relatively cheap way to fix the fan fault in the installation is to replace the fan motor. If you are looking for single-phase induction motors, see our offer from the category: fan motors. Here you will find standard fan motors for condenser, evaporator and radiator applications.

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