Filter drier BLR/DCL-162 (1/4” SAE)

80% molecular sieve, 20% active alumina

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  • Corrosion resistance

    yes, epoxy powder coating finish

    Dimensions (see drawing)

    A: 110mm A1: 55mm A2: 55mm L: twisted –154mm

    Connection size

    1/4 ”, 6mm

    Cooling capacity

    R134a - 7 kW; R404A, R507 - 5 kW; R22, R407C, R410A - 8 kW

    Installation orientation

    any, provided that the arrow points in the direction of flow

    Thermal stability

    up to 120⁰C

    Filter housing cross-section


    Salt test

    up to 400h


    25 µm (0.001 ') SS provides high retention with minimal pressure drop

  • The BLR / DCL-162 filter drier is designed to protect the refrigeration and air conditioning system against moisture, acids and contaminants. Corrosion resistance is ensured by a solid steel casing of the dryer filter, finished with epoxy powder paint. The filter has a screw connection. The cartridge responsible for retaining moisture consists of 80% molecular sieves and 20% active alumina. The use of a filter drier allows you to avoid failure of the refrigeration and air conditioning system and a decrease in its efficiency.

  • DanfossDCL162

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  • Product Filter drier BLR/DCL-162 (1/4” SAE) belongs to the category Pressure products and subcategories Filter driers

    Pressure products are essential components of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Filter driers protect all parts of the refrigeration and air conditioning system against contamination and moisture (Remember to change the filter driers regularly!). Other: oil separators and filters, liquid accumulators, vessels and vibration absorbers on the pressure system enable proper circulation of cooling liquid, cooling gas and oil, which ensures long and trouble-free operation of the entire system. We offer a wide range of parts for the construction, maintenance and service of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We invite you to contact manufacturers of equipment and installations, wholesalers, shops and services: refrigeration and air conditioning.

    The filter drier, also known as filter drier, is an important part of any refrigeration and air conditioning system. The drain filter should be used in both industrial refrigeration systems and commercial solutions. The role of the filter drier is to minimize system failure and ensure high performance of the refrigeration system by keeping it dry and clean. The filter drier protects the refrigeration system against unwanted moisture, acids and contaminants. Our offer is a wide selection of filter driers for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. In the filter drier category you will find driers of various sizes and connections (screwed, soldered, with butt gasket); BLR / DML series filter driers with 100% solid core with molecular sieve and BLR / DCL series filter driers with 20% active alumina. With each product you will find detailed technical data of the filter drier, such as cooling capacity, thermal stability, type and size of the filter drier connection and many more. In case of doubt, you can always count on our technical department, which will tell you how to choose the right filter drier for your cooling system.

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