Liquid reservoir BLR/VLRD-05

Vertical fluid reservoir (volume 5l)

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  • Color [Ral]


    General tolerances [mm]

    / -3

    Dimensions (see drawing)

    D: ф160mm L: 290mm A: 60mm


    5 liters

    Test pressure [PT]

    48 bar

    Clamping flange diameter



    3/8 "ODS

    Safety valve and sight glass

    upon request


    3/8 "ODS Rotolock valve

    Permissible temperature

    min. -10 ° C / max. -120 ° C

    Working pressure [PS]

    33 bar

  • The vertical liquid tank BLR/VLRD-05 with a capacity of 5 liters makes it possible to protect the refrigeration system against the constantly changing demand for refrigerant, thanks to which the correct circulation of the refrigerant in the system is possible. The liquid tank is made of steel and has a Rotolock valve that allows you to service the refrigeration system without the need to remove the refrigerant from the system.

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    Pressure products are essential components of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Filter driers protect all parts of the refrigeration and air conditioning system against contamination and moisture (Remember to change the filter driers regularly!). Other: oil separators and filters, liquid accumulators, vessels and vibration absorbers on the pressure system enable proper circulation of cooling liquid, cooling gas and oil, which ensures long and trouble-free operation of the entire system. We offer a wide range of parts for the construction, maintenance and service of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We invite you to contact manufacturers of equipment and installations, wholesalers, shops and services: refrigeration and air conditioning.

    Refrigerant tanks allow the refrigerant liquid and refrigerant gas to circulate properly. These tanks are used to collect liquid refrigerant to protect the system from the constantly changing demand for refrigerant and allow it to flow evenly to the valve. The right choice of refrigerant tank is important. The size of the liquid tank should be matched to the size of the refrigeration system. The volume of the tank should be about 130% of the total amount of refrigerant (the total amount of refrigerant should take 70% of the total volume of the tank). In our offer you will find a wide selection of steel liquid tanks with a capacity of 1 to 21 liters. Each REFrigerant tank of the BLR/VLRD series has a manual Rotolock valve that allows you to service the refrigeration system without the need to remove the refrigerant.

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