Vibration absorber BLR/VA-078M (7/8" ODF)

anaconda type, connection 100% copper

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  • Dimensions (see drawing)

    A: (ID) 22.5mm B: 30mm C: 244.8mm D: 304.8mm, E: 18mm

    General tolerances

    B, C: +/- 3mm; D: +/- 6mm; E: / - 1.5mm


    7/8 "brazed

    Working pressure [PS]


    Burst pressure


    Permissible temperature

    -40 ° C min. / 150 ° C max

  • Vibration dampers of the BLR / VA series of anaconda type are flexible couplings that ensure the resistance of cooling systems to radial and axial vibrations. Anaconda is made of stainless steel with copper or steel sleeves. Dampers can be used to prevent breakage of pipes or welds due to high frequency vibrations due to compressor operation. They are mounted on both the suction and discharge side of the compressor. Suitable for CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants

  • CASTEL7690/7

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    During extended operation, refrigeration equipment is exposed to the undesirable effects of continuously generated vibrations. Vibration absorbers are elements of cooling and air conditioning systems, which are designed to damp transverse vibrations on the compressor suction manifold in order to prevent their negative effects. The use of silencers allows not only to eliminate damage and deformations caused by compressor vibrations, but also to reduce noise generated by it. Properly selected and applied, they make the cooling system work properly. We offer a wide range of parts for the construction, maintenance and service of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We invite manufacturers of equipment and installations, wholesalers, shops and services: refrigeration and air conditioning to contact us.

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