Filter drier BLR/STAS-4813T (1 5/8” ODF)

folded with replaceable inserts

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  • Permissible temperature [TS]

    min. - 10 ° C / max -130 ° C


    +/- 3 mm

    Dimensions (see drawing)

    A 245mm, B 164mm, C 92mm, D 114mm, E 150mm

    Color [RAL]





    1 5/8 ”ODF, 42mm

    Filter case

    H-48, single

    Test pressure [PT]

    48 bar

    Filter cartridges


    Working pressure [PS]

    33 bar

  • Folded filter BLR / STAS-4813T protects the cooling and air-conditioning system against moisture, acids and solid impurities arising in the system. Filter installed in the cooling units between the evaporator, accumulator and evaporator and the liquid tank. The filter housing is made of steel. 1 5/8 ”connector suitable for soldering. The distinguishing feature of the foldable filter drier is the removable collar, which ensures easy cleaning, inspection and replacement of cartridges. Remember to make sure the gasket is properly fitted before installing the flange connection. When assembling, the screws should be tightened evenly.

  • GVNSFDS-42
    DanfossDCR 04813s(023U7255)
    CARLYACY 4813 S
    CARLYBCY 4813 S
    MULLERA 18587

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  • Product Filter drier BLR/STAS-4813T (1 5/8” ODF) belongs to the category Pressure products and subcategories Filter collapsible

    Pressure products are essential components of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Filter driers protect all parts of the refrigeration and air conditioning system against contamination and moisture (Remember to change the filter driers regularly!). Other: oil separators and filters, liquid accumulators, vessels and vibration absorbers on the pressure system enable proper circulation of cooling liquid, cooling gas and oil, which ensures long and trouble-free operation of the entire system. We offer a wide range of parts for the construction, maintenance and service of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We invite you to contact manufacturers of equipment and installations, wholesalers, shops and services: refrigeration and air conditioning.

    Filter driers with a replaceable cartridge of the BLR / STAS series are used in the refrigeration system to eliminate possible moisture, acid and dirt in the system and to prevent faults that may be caused by these factors. The collapsible filter drier performs the same role as traditional dehumidifiers, i.e. it minimizes system failures and ensures high efficiency of the cooling system by keeping the system dry and clean. What distinguishes this product is the design of the filter drier. Folded filters have a removable collar that allows easy access to the core, which allows easy cleaning, condition inspection and replacement of the filter dryer cartridge. Our offer includes a wide selection of collapsible filter driers and compatible universal replacement cartridges for dehumidifiers.

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